Being rich is spiritual success

Money has nothing to do with what you need, and everything to do with what the people you serve crave from you. How deeply are you listening to this call on your gifts?

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Being rich is a pre-requisite to any business venture you start or grow. Have you noticed that banks, investors or money flows to you when you know you are valuable? The moment you step into the room radiating from a deeply heart centered space that your gift, service or product has meaning for others – you are unstoppable. This starts with what you believe about your ability to be of service, to contribute, and to really change things to make a long-lasting difference for others. It’s not about being loud, it’s about being clear.

Money has nothing todo with what you need, and everything to do with what the people you serve crave from you. How deeply are you listening to this call on your gifts?

It is only with something rich inside of you to give to others, that you can offer or serve your people. You need kindness in you, to give kindness to others.

Contribution starts with a richness in you. Every time you downplay your talents, you shrink in service.Service comes from a place of expansion. Coming into connection with the people you serve from a place of neediness makes you weak. You are blinded by your own needs and may not say, do or act in alignment with what can create the greatest shift for their lives. You are still playing small to avoid judgement or criticism. In short, you are still just responding to your own insecurities rather than rising into the leader that the people you serve require you to be.Being centered in your self means being able to see beyond your own neediness. From this space you can have the conversation of enriching other people’s lives through the richness that radiates from you.

The perfect business plan is usually a lot of numbers and assumptions. The divinely inspired business vision is all about connection to contribution. You are here to change the lives of people around you by the nature of who you are, and the impact that your work has in lifting their lives up.

A business that just pays the bills, or that is only concerned with what you need, will limit you.There is a limit to how much creativity flows to you because the worry and stress of meeting your needs will draw you out of alignment with your greatest purpose. Any neediness in you draws you down, and pulls you into a place of shrinking away from a deeper level of service.

When you shift into being centered in your own abundance that is with you right now, your own inner richness will radiate from the gifts you have, and put you in the place of greater service, money flow and fulfillment. It is then from this space of radiant richness, that you will hear the greater call on your soul to rise up as a leader for yourself, your people, and the planet. You are then are richer and fuller, living into the next level of your spiritual success.


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