The Spiritual Connection to Money

Money like everything else in the universe is energy. It’s what we believe about it that draws it to us easily, or with an effort that feels draining.

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Money is in mainly made out of cotton fiber, and it actually does grow on trees and bushes. So why does it dictate how so many of us feel?

Poverty isn’t based on your bank account, your possessions, or on how successful your business is. Poverty is the feeling that money owns you and you are powerless with money. The feelings that come up are stress, struggle, worry, feeling overwhelmed, feeling small, feeling tired from controlling everything around it. It’s spending hours obsessing over it, feeling drained by the instability of it, feeling confused as to how to create more of it, and you may usually spend time and energy doubting the ‘how’ to make it happen, how to sustain it, and how to grow it. So much control, so little trust.  

Being rich from the inside out is being in power. It’s knowing you and what your business does creates an undeniable difference from a soul aligned place for the people you serve. It’s actually a natural result of the contribution you are making, the difference your business makes for your clients, and the ability for your business to be valuable to the people you serve so much so that your creative energy magnetizes it towards you. Creative energy is drawn into you and your business because it has a deep intention to make a difference – and most importantly you don’t doubt it. You don’t have to overwork, prove, or push your way to making it happen – you simply believe in it, take the actions to create the space for it to happen, and you receive it. It naturally flows to you.

Whenever you doubt, you contract away from your purpose, feel small, feel like the world is to blame and you make choices that put you in a place where you are not doing your greatest work. Well then, you are telling the universe and money that you are not valuable. You create money and attract it to you as a creative energy for the purpose you are serving. It actually responds to your love for yourself and the love you have for what you do.  

Money is energy.

Unlocking a spiritual connection to money allows you to manifest beyond your upper limits. What we love we attract, what drains us we push away from us. So to make more money, takes evolving a healthy relationship to loving it and the actions that go into making it.  

Some big limiting behaviors around money are:

  • I don’t have enough or there isn’t enough
  • It’s hard to make more
  • More money, more problems
  • More money, more effort
  • There aren’t enough good people in the world for me to do good business and make money
  • I don’t know how to make more
  • I don’t know what I am absolutely undeniably awesome at
  • I need to ‘make it happen’

Shifting yourself from these poverty patterns to abundance takes a detox of these thought patterns.

What happens if you were so valuable, the gift that you have so important to the world around you. What happens if you saw the truth of your divine purpose and become filled with love for the people you are here to serve. Suddenly you become valuable and easily solve something for the people you love. You become aligned.  

Money is based on contribution. Feeling empty and not enough puts you in a place of a being a victim with money.

So start by noting down where you have become a victim with money, note the excuses you have made to avoid figuring out where you can contribute, or where you don’t accept your powerful divine gifts.

The shift to abundance starts with loving yourself enough to be valuable to the world around you. It’s start with feeling and believing abundant beautiful things about yourself:

  • I am a creator
  • I am creative
  • I have solutions
  • I have a gift
  • I have a purpose
  • I am part of a divine intelligence
  • I have chosen to be here at this time and place to be part of the world moving forward
  • I am part of the solution
  • I love the people I serve
  • I am loved
  • I am a miracle
  • I am aligned to synchronies to be a contributor

When you shift from needing money to serving others powerfully, you start to put yourself in the place of miracles. You feel guided, you see opportunities and you start to practice being rich from the inside out.


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