Your Big Why to Sacred Success

Sacred success starts with service and not slavery. It starts with success in all areas and not trading time, health and a loveless life for security.

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Sacred starts with seeing yourself as a divine part of creation with a clear intention for a purpose that is linked to the benefit of the planet, for humanity and for others. It is ultimately your expression of creation that is heartfelt and a natural extension of your gift. Your business is a vehicle for change. It is a place of creativity. The bigger your why is, the more potent your possibility to magnetize success to you simply by being you.

Are you building a business to pay the bills?

Are you building a business because it’s easy and it keeps you safe?

Are you building a business because it called you and is aligned with your gifts?

Are you building a business because you feel connected to the people you serve?

Are you building a business to move the planet forward?

Are you building a business to give people the opportunity to ignite their power?

As you grow your vision, all of these and more get to be part of what success is to you. The more deeply you dive into sacred success habits the less you sacrifice or slave away for success.

Whatever your reason that motivates your success – you have one. The higher purposed it is, the easier it is for you to attract money and success from a place of balance and holistic wealth. The bigger your vision, the more magnetic you become. The more you see the world and people from a different lens. They are no longer just a customer, or a client. Instead, they become something deeply divine and intertwined with what you are creating.

Sacred success habits start with an inner connection to creation and not a doing. It’s a beingness and not a doingness. It’s a tuning into your why and getting to know what moves you with love, and not what motivates you out of fear.

Focus in on your why?

Focus in on what motivates you to show up each day?

Focus in on what you are sacrificing to create your success and start creating daily sacred success behaviors. The greater your capacity to hold loving habits in all areas of your life, the more power you have to contribute a greater impact.

The more you navigate your business to create space for loving your body, your loved ones and your clients and the more creativity you invite to solve for sacred success practices. It starts with a vision of what sacred success looks like for you. It starts with your vision of a beautiful life that wakens you into motion from a place of beauty and soul-led creativity.


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