7-figure freedom on Divine Assignment for you and your family

Divine Business Coaching for the Mystic

Natasha Rockstrom

12-month Business Coaching designed to take the pain and hard work out of feeling unworthy of living in power, and fully on purpose. 

Become a visionary business owner and escape being the operator of your business to scale with time freedom living your best life on your terms


This program is not for those who…

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Don’t want to live with a higher purpose
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Don’t want to scale to 7 figures through a luxury process
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Don’t want to love selling what they do, in new ways for new impact
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Don't want to surrender to divine guidance
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Don't want to experience deep intimacy in their families.
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Don't want to do their soul's work
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Don’t want to build a community that is ready to buy from them.

But you’re in the right place if...

You want to win BIG in business
You deserve to attract and be supported by amazing team members
You want to sign your highest-paying and most fun clients
You are ready to be clear and educated on how to create financial results
You deeply desire to have it all - business, family, impact, spiritual connection, aligned community, inspired creativity, beauty and health
You want to experience a soul-fulfilling life and cash flow to create more
You know it’s time for your dream philanthropy work, hobbies, & vacations.
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Can you imagine what it would be like when...

You’re booked solid and have a waitlist of soul-aligned BEST clients asking to work with you
Your Stripe account smiles with new payments
You experience plenty of space and time freedom to enjoy your other life passions
You overcome your limitations and roadblocks with divine power and clarity.
You impact more and more lives with deeper levels of your zone of genius
Leads are generated for you through automated systems. Decentralized systems and clear processes let your team free to grow your business.
You’re unstoppable in accessing the next level of money, intuitive vision, and being the best you can be

I know what you’re thinking...

Your vision is BIG. Your purpose is so large that you may be overwhelmed with where to start.

You think you might never be able to have freedom in all ways. You doubt where you can find people who can work with the same passion as you do.

You suspect that you'll always stay stuck and never ‘really’ get there - working hard and doing everything - day in and day out... missing out on family and friends. And you’re starting to doubt how long it will take to live a life that reflects the leader you could be.

Natasha Rockstrom
Natasha Rockstrom

I feel you deeply in this moment...

At 26, I left a million-dollar lifestyle, a thriving job managing 8-9 figure investments, a 3-year marriage, and the country I called home at the time with a one way ticket ready for more without knowing that my potential to impact the planet was unfolding in new ways.

I traveled for three years meeting spiritual teachers, completing a finance EMBA, volunteering for businesses with a cause, keynoting on corporate and philanthropic stages. I met the love of my life who recognized me the moment we met and on our first date we committed to changing the world.

I met the love of my life who recognized me the moment we met and on our first date we committed to changing the world.

Whether I was working with celebrities, billion-dollar business leaders, millionaires, pioneering entrepreneurs, gifted children, spiritual teachers, visionary investors… it all led to the same place - we are here to be the change and to express our soul’s purpose through who we choose to be each day, and the businesses we create to empower others. And I discovered we can have it all with the seven pillar process.

Natasha Rockstrom
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"I've opened up to being an investor and growing my own wellness business, deeply feeling my true relationship with source."

Through coaching with Natasha I’ve reconnected to people again and healed family relationships. I’ve deeply healed my body and also received business opportunities aligned to my true purpose. I’ve found safety in myself and have a deep love for myself through releasing the control that kept me stuck.

Psychic Business Consultant
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“My work with Natasha will never stop...”

After working with Natasha as a business coach I shifted my successful business as a fitness coach where I was selling my time for money to now fully stepping into my most powerful work as a spiritual health coach working with billionaire and millionaire clients helping them create massive wins in health and business. I’ve grown my intuitive skill set and can now communicate easily. I’m creating bigger impact with clients I love and who value my work. I now easily have the time freedom to enjoy my family and continue becoming the best at what I'm truly here for. Another major win was having my philanthropy foundation fully funded making my dream to impact children’s education in Africa well under way. I’ve made leaps in my wealth consciousness and I know that I’m on the path to create my global impact. 

Spiritual Health Coach
Natasha Rockstrom

7-figure 7-Pillar Program for Wealth and Freedom

The 7-Pillar Process for the Business Mystic will allow you to work through your soul’s zone of genius. It unpacks your connection to source as an unwavering unmatched intelligence to grow, scale and live fully. It collapses the future possibilities into your living experience with a stillness and beauty.

Are you playing your role to collaborate with the universe and rise as a visionary leader to shift the planet? Divine Business Coaching has been designed to help you achieve just that so you experience your unique way to impact and the wealth freedom to live fully.

Divine Business Coaching

It's NOT for everyone. You must be ready to live through your spiritual center and do the inner work and commit to brave actions to shift your business and relationships. Miracles flow when you show up to create space for them.

Once you're in, the following 12 months are going to be life-changing. It's nothing like you'll ever have experienced before.

You'll get access to high-level spiritual business training & processes which will raise you into living your best version now and play BIG fully.

You’ll thrive with instant access to the 7-Figure 7-Pillar Program, Niche Peer Masterminds, Laser Coaching, Weekly Accountability with Specific Actions to take, Quarterly Online Retreats and Exclusive Master Classes from our Gurus who have impacted the planet.

You finally get the spiritual guidance in business that you were looking for all along... to draw out your divine business skills and see you take action on it.

Natasha Rockstrom

You will discover the quantum techniques - used by disruptors - to magnetize your best life without selling yourself short to societal or traditional business norms. For starters here’s what you get:

  • Being Unstoppable in Sales
  • How to Love Selling to Your Soulmate Clients
  • Surrendered Successful Sales
  • Sustainable Scale in Sales
  • Becoming the Millionaire 
  • Clear client results
  • Becoming Priceless in a Market of One for Clients You Love
  • Embodying Millions Within
  • Return on Investment Mapping
  • Soul Team Systems to Scale your Zone of Genius Impact
  • Accelerating Time Freedom
  • 10X Results with Environment Mastery
  • Being the Visionary
  • Building Timeless Partnerships & Collaborations
  • Living into a New Earth Future
  • Manifest Everything You Desire
  • Partnering with Universal Laws
  • Living in Financial Freedom for Global Impact
  • Creating Powerful Cash Flows for Empires
  • Investing & Philanthropy for Legacy Leaders
  • Universe as CEO
  • Celebrating your way to Abundance
  • Power to Manifest with Ease & Communicate with Clarity
  • Conscious Responsive Action


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Coaching with Natasha has allowed me to streamline my focus and energy to create the life that I’ve always wanted and break the boundaries of what I thought was medically possible.

It’s given me the power and ability to make choices and the tools to face all the challenges that I encounter. My life looks nothing like it did one year ago - I’m fitter, healthier, stronger. In addition I have a larger income and I have big and exciting changes on the horizon

Gayle Kothari

MSc, Veterinarian / Model
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My coaching journey with Natasha has been nothing short of extraordinary. In just four months I was able to transform in almost every aspect of my life. From physical health and appearance, to career and personal relationships, the manifestations of abundance and change came in quantum leaps, and feeling them on my everyday life and future was extremely gratifying. Natasha holds space like no one else I have met or worked with. Her attentiveness, care and unmatched experience allow for the kind of trust that one needs to go on a journey of change.

Jumana Abu Hannoud

Executive Management / Corporate Affairs / Social Impact / Motivational Speaker / Changemaker / Mother
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I have always been an avid believer in the concept of “defining moments”. Those moments so profound and rare that they leave an indelible mark on your life.

I have invested in coaching for over ten years, but I had never experienced anything this profound. Natasha has an incredible ability to understand a situation from three-hundred-and-sixty-degree perspective using both logic and emotion to fully understand the core issue. But her real strength comes from a combination of intuitive guidance, spiritual mentoring and practical advice.

Over the last five months, she has helped me find my voice again. She has reminded me of who I am and why I am here. She has been the human voice of my intuition and the mental kick in the butt that I needed to go to the next level! I have found the courage I needed to make a huge life change, the tools I needed to execute those changes and the perspective needed to see the bigger picture.

Sarah Feyling

Entrepreneur / Business Owner
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Over our meetings creativity, a deep sense of connection and spirituality came into play to enhance my business vision. My full soul is into this now with elevated clarity and renewed sense of limitless possibilities.

In less than 4 weeks, I have developed invaluable clarity on what kind of clients I want to work with, the type of impact my business can have on others, the income that I can accept and overall taken the vision of my own business to new levels. Not only that, one client who fit into this picture had actually already materialized and what was not even in my imagination weeks ago is now a reality!

Every session with Natasha is a gift which I have immense gratitude for. She is a blessing for anybody who is ready to become the person they want to be.

Francesca Ciaudano

Marketing Strategist & Chief Resource Curator
Natasha Rockstrom in dress

Meet Natasha

BUSINESS INTUITIVE | Venture Philanthropist | INVESTOR

As an Investor, Philanthropist, and Business Coach for 7-8-9-Figure Mystics, I am here to empower you to create lasting wealth, lifestyle freedom, and the beauty of creating impact through your soul-sourced skills.

Being an economist and EMBA, an Entrepreneur at 19, an Investor, and a Master Energy Healer who was tutored by spiritual masters from the age of 5, my unique experience led to guiding business leaders to success from the inside out.

Unblocking Money Flow

Explore this powerful tool to up-level your divine connection in your money manifestations.

On Kindness

Natasha featured on The Uma Show, speaking about kindness.

Embracing Failure

Embrace failure as a midway point to miracles that are taking shape.

Why it’s the best time to activate your divine superpowers now

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Now more than ever, the world needs new spiritual business leaders to create better solutions for the planet. (You have always known you were born for great things)

Now more than ever, you are seeing your business being cleared up of things that kept you small and now you have space to create bigger opportunities to serve more people.

Woman holding hands shaped like heart

Now more than ever, the usual ways of doing business are blocking your growth. You MUST have the support, divine guidance, and solutions to soar to the next level in your business now.

Now more than ever, you know your skills and gifts are needed by the world. (You know you are present on the planet for a deeper reason and have a big vision that you are ready to take action on).

Hands sharing heart

Now more than ever, you feel called to act from a place of abundance (fear-based business decisions kept you firefighting, saving, and feeling empty, tired, overworked, and in a place of scarcity. You no longer hear the voice which said keep your head down, stay safe and stay small).

Now more than ever, your business needs divinely guided solutions to grow.

How soon would you like to have the freedom to have it ALL from a place of grace, a place of power, and a place of your soul’s vision of wealth and abundance?

Your next best step is calling you.

Yes Natasha!

– I’m ready to create the next level of my soul’s success