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My story

I was born to change the world.

When I was 5, in my prayers I would imagine the world becoming a beautiful ball of light. I knew in my being that the truth of who and what we are here to do is to bring more love and goodness into our lives, for ourselves, and for the world we live in. I was a natural truth seeker and born leader looking for solutions everywhere in finance, business, philanthropy, spirituality and my own awakening intuition.

I’ve worked with celebrities, billion-dollar business leaders, multi-millionaires, venture philanthropists, pioneering entrepreneurs, gifted children, well-being game changers, spiritual teachers and visionary investors. I’m here to share with you what you know is true – you were born to change the world you live in. You have a purpose and a unique vision around bringing change to others.

Today I’m empowering soul led businesses and philanthropists to create true wealth, freedom and the capacity to change the lives of the people they serve through their soul’s greatest purpose.

I’m here to empower the next level of your soul’s vision for the planet.

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Create the next level of your soul’s vision for the planet.

  • Unlock intuitive guidance
  • Power life effortlessly from the inside out
  • Live with soul level intimacy
  • Activate visionary impact
  • Have it all with grace
Natasha Rockstrom Coaching

“Have the game-changing sacred success that comes from embodying your soul’s vision to deliver the iconic business mission that creates higher purpose profit, service and heart felt impact. Create your life on purpose.”


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