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For the legacy led visionary living with higher human purpose. Create your iconic life through inner freedom and guided connection.

Natasha Rockstrom Legacy Coach and Master Energy Healer

We are a bespoke private advisory to 7-, 8-, and 9-figure investors and business owners who desire to create their next level of legacy impact as guided by their inner connection to source. 

As you step inwards and hear the call to elevate your unique skills for a vibrationally luxurious life and higher purpose impact, we are here to curate the journey of focusing your inner connection to source to accelerate results for personal freedom, business impact and holistic wealth.
Natasha Rockstrom
Natasha Rockstrom

Awaken, receive and rapidly multiply

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Freedom in family relations
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Higher purpose growth and results in business
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Restoration of beauty & health lifestyle
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Holistic generational wealth creation
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Become the leader who your loved ones admire
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Become the leader who goes beyond transaction
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Become the sustainable guided spiritual investor
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Receive more whilst creating health and family freedom
Natasha Rockstrom Legacy Advisor Master Healer

Step into legendary

Are you ready to activate your innate presence to transform the room and attract incredible experiences?
Do you have a message that opens hearts to create connection and collaboration that defies logic?

It’s time to unleash your greatness.

Natasha Rockstrom Legacy Coach and Master Energy Healer
  1. Create a sustainable, abundant, and intuitively guided structured approach with your time, talent, finances with what is deeply relevant to your unique life path and divine purpose
  2. Develop expanded experiences and opportunities that are a match to your life purpose and holistic wealth vision.
  3. Assess through the quantum field the integrity of your investments and the future returns beyond traditional risk and reward
  4. Presence opportunities into your world that are a conscious match for a future sustainable planet and the specific role you are here to play within the cosmos
  5. Experience extraordinary joy and fulfillment utilizing your zone of genius and experience freedom for self-renewal and family
  6. Create focus and the compound effect from connecting your spiritual and business world
  7. Learn how to elevate your physical wellbeing to experience your best life now and in the future
  8. Deepen family relationships and magnetize extraordinary personal relationships  


    “Deepened and healed our family relationships.”


    “I now have a clear vision of MY version of success, and I feel magic happening every single day as I achieve my goals in business.”


    “Profoundly expanded my connection to source.” 


    “The catalyst to accelerate me on my legacy work.”

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    “My coaching journey with Natasha has been nothing short of extraordinary…I was able to transform in almost every aspect of my life.”

    Executive Management, Corporate Affairs, Social Impact, Motivational Speaker

    Private advisory

    Intuitive Business Advisor, Visionary Investor and Venture Philanthropist

    At 26 I had a multi-millionaire lifestyle and I woke up thinking “Is this it?” 

    I’m an economist, EMBA in Finance, certified Master Energy Healer, an entrepreneur from 19 and have been tutored by spiritual masters from the age of 5.

    I’ve keynoted for some of the largest businesses in their industry on the planet on activating leadership intelligence through spiritual processes. I’ve been invited into boardrooms to advise on strategic decisions with multiple 8-figure results.

    As a wealth advisor of our private family office from the age of 14 I’ve experienced decision making that impacts multi-generational wellbeing. I’ve pioneered philanthropic impact for food security programs for hundreds of thousands of children and am currently the director of our family philanthropy foundation working on innovations for nationwide solutions around food, water, economic and educational eco-sustainable security in rural remote off-grid locations.

    Over the past decade I’ve worked with celebrities, billion-dollar business owners and CEO’s, multi-millionaires, venture philanthropists, pioneering entrepreneurs, gifted children and wellbeing game changers, spiritual teachers and visionary investors.

    I’m here to partner with you on creating your iconic impact for you, your family and the planet.

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    Private legacy advisory

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    1. Expand your inner connection to intelligent guidance from a creation energy within you
    2. Accelerate your legacy goals with deep transformational bespoke sessions clearing hidden layers of mindset and energy blocks that held you back  
    3. Receive clarity and strategic guidance in all 9 areas of your life unpacking iconic living embodying your divine spark and unique abilities as a family and business leader
    4. Create clear abundant, intuitive, and specific structured approaches with your time, talent and financial wealth to what is relevant to your higher human purpose
    5. Experience extraordinary joy and fulfillment utilizing your spiritual zone of genius
    6. Learn lifetime energy healing skills to restore your physical and relationship vitality
      1. Magnetize the miraculous and live fully your specific role that you are playing in the cosmos
      2. Match your lifestyle to your life purpose becoming the leader that you and your loved ones admire
      3. Create holistic impact and multi-generational wealth around your spiritual principles
      4. Live luxuriously with inner freedom radiating who you truly are by tapping into your timeless wisdom and excelling with your gift
      5. Achieve your business and life goals through inner transformation and embody energy principles that create extraordinary results
      6. Dissolve outdated paradigms in wealth, business and relationships that have been demonstrated in the planet and pioneer holistic abundance for you and your family

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        • Private 1-1 bi-monthly in person or virtual sessions
        • Private ongoing access for integration and specific implementation support
        • "VIP Personal Legacy Map" full day experience access to the recordings
        • Access to weekly live trainings with the Legacy group business program
        • VIP access and exclusive experiences at annual immersion retreats



        You are ready to execute on your vision and impact and desire clarity and innovation to accelerate whilst saving you time, money and inner struggle. This day is focused on collapsing your future possibilities into present reality with ease and the mystical experience of your inner intelligence like never before.  

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        Experience a private bespoke day to dissolve unconscious mindset and energy blocks holding you back on clarity of your abundant and powerful work.
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        Accelerate your leadership acumen through connecting your spiritual and business world
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        Complete a legacy map of your life that unblocks wealth creation in 9 areas of your life for beauty, renewal and bliss
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        Receive strategic business guidance through clearing your intelligent communication with your inner connection
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        Discover quantum energy tools to transforming your body, mind and business
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        Receive a clear map to execute your vision
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        Receive deep healing and energy clearing for joyful family relationships
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        Attract opportunities for impact that were hidden to you
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        Experience energy readings that uncover the next part of your true life path and purpose you were born for
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        Develop your mystical connection that is accurate and available to you day to day
        • 10am – 4pm in-person in Dubai or virtual
        • 1 hour agenda call prior to the VIP Day
        • One-month private access to Natasha for implementation and integration guidance.

        Restore inner freedom

        Right now life probably looks like this...

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        You resort to doing more actions to accelerate receiving and at times lose your peace to being busy without self-renewal
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        You’re great at working hard and take pride in what you have achieved
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        At times anxiety and isolation creep in leaving you spiritually depleted and under nourished
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        You’ve built success but it doesn’t harmonize with your sleep needs, family desires and your creative process leaving little or no time for new adventures
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        Your financial wealth is plentiful but at times you feel anxious about the future gains and path ahead and dip into survival and struggle rather than expansion and alignment to create
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        You have powerful relationships but desire new exciting opportunities for what’s next in your empire
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        Health has been a rollercoaster. You’ve overcome challenges and now ready to stabilize vitality, beauty and peace physically and mentally
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        Staying joyful to create your most powerful work at times gets hidden under excuses or old outdated mindsets of working hard or feeling unsupported
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        You are inspired to create your powerful vision and traditional business methods no longer match with a creative spiritually integrated business life
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        You’re doing great but the burden of your vision lays on you rather than a creative trusting miracle relationship with life and supportive team of leaders who protect your time and talent
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        Time freedom comes and goes and you’re done with overwhelm and rush and ready for a dynamic life that nourishes your still creative core

        It’s time your results don’t cost you physically, mentally and spiritually.

        Your next level of Legacy is calling you.  

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        “Gratitude is the start, middle and end of the inner experience of a miracle.” 

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        Experience embodying your mission deeply to awaken a powerful renewed iconic lifestyle with long lasting transformational change
        Woman with arms outstretched loving life
        Pioneer with inner clarity and create a new level of fulfillment beyond traditional returns alone
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        Discover the stillness to inner freedom and guided connection for your higher human purpose.

        Discover the divine formula

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        The Legacy Journey combines energy healing of limiting deep seated patterns, activation of your specific intuitive guidance to dissolve challenges and expand in health, family and wealth creation. You’ll experience training systems and tools to amplify leadership acumen and joyful relationships. This unique journey restores your natural divine state of being. You’ll feel empowered with clarity of your higher purpose that opens up inner freedom to a life you deeply love.

        The results

        People raising their arms in unison
        1. Adding 6-,7- or 8-figures of resources to their mission
        2. Finding their divine life soulmate and planned their wedding
        3. Parenting with powerful presence for healing results physically and emotionally
        4. Spiritually educating and guiding their children with clear communication
        5. Found and activated their new dream career
        6. Attracted joyful profitable client relationships
        7. Found spiritual lifelong soul friends
        8. Healed their pets
        9. Exited unfulfilling professional relationships leaving them emotionally depleted
        10. Expanded clear specific mystical inner communication that protects and supports
        11. Healed dis-eases physically and bio hacked joy once again
        12. Releasing unwanted weight without anxious exercise
          1. Living without emotional burden in close family relationships
          2. Activated powerful healing abilities without meditating previously
          3. Integrated spiritual wisdom into business feeling whole again
          4. Setting new world records
          5. Energy reading their business future and dissolving blocks to challenges easily
          6. Buying their dream homes (or second dream home)
          7. Voicing and clearly communicating their higher purpose
          8. Collapsing time to seeing results
          9. Deepening soul mate intimacy in existing or new relationships
          10. Magnetizing extraordinary relationships that appreciate their talent
          11. Discovering unique creative genius skillsets
          12. Creating personalized energy tools for daily inner freedom
          13. Living renewed on their life path
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