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with Natasha Rockstrom
Legacy Advisor and Master Healer

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Natasha Rockstrom Legacy Business Coach

Activate and accelerate your inner personal power with self-mastery classes designed to elevate clear inspiration and upgrade your intuitive guidance with wisdom for spiritually centered souls desiring to rise, expand, and lead with their true purpose.

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Being an economist and EMBA, an entrepreneur at 19, an investor and a Master Energy Healer

who was tutored by spiritual masters from the age of 5, Natasha's unique experience led to guiding visionary business and spiritual leaders to success from the inside out.

Natasha has been invited into billion dollar boardroom discussions, keynoted for industry forums, worked with celebrities, spiritual teachers, 7-8 figure well-being investors, guided pioneering philanthropists, and consulted with multi-millionaires on business strategies with multiple 7-figure results.

Her clients have experienced spontaneous physical healings, life transformations in personal wellbeing and deepened their purpose led business impact through a profound connection with their spirit.
Natasha Rockstrom

Experience the power of energetic tools and mindset to transform your life path and impact through a personal connection with source energy.

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each experience is designed

with intention to upgrade your trust in your intuitive guidance, to guide you with the skills to transform challenges, to heal old patterns blocking you and to direct your time, energy and actions towards a guided life that unleashes your gifts to fulfill your higher purpose whilst becoming the relaxed and joyful version of yourself.
  • Gain clarity on your life path and purpose
  • Release unconscious blocks holding you back from your goals
  • Expand your inner tool kit to create experiences you love
  • Attract the life and abundance you desire
  • Sharpen your intuitive guidance and enhance your skills to communicate with the universe
  • Align your unique life path with the larger global vision

each master class

is designed to:

  • Evolve your spiritual awareness and education of who you truly are
  • Heal your health with bio resonance health education using frequencies and lifestyle shifts
  • Upgrade your inner voice and direct intuitive guidance with source for greater clarity in your life
  • Integrate spiritual wisdom to dissolve daily challenges
  • Re-program your mindset for a spiritually powerful and successful life
  • Activate your sovereign choices for holistic wealth and inner luxury
  • Transform your relationships for holistic success from a spiritual center
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