Energy Healing

Power to instantly transform hidden limiting energy patterns creating dis-ease in health, relationships and business. Release deeper abundance and thriving freedom in all areas of your life. Talk to the universe with clarity.


physical healing, emotional wellbeing and spiritual awakening

Natasha is a uniquely certified Master in Energetic Sciences and certified ThetaHealing® Instructor from the THINK institute USA. Natasha uses highly versatile meditation and energy transformation techniques for self-development, evolution of business and leadership that empowers positive change. 

These transformations reprogram your subconscious mind from your limiting beliefs and feelings that are holding you back from happiness, love, wellness, prosperity and abundance.

The heart of these techniques will allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self inflicted or externally imposed. You will discover how to identify your limiting energy patterns holding you back and how to shift them with simplicity to empowering and positive energy patterns that support a thriving lifestyle. This journey rapidly changes years of sabotage, destructive habits and negative subconscious life patterns.

This journey will open your intuitive centres and chakras, as you connect to Divine Source Energy. We’ll guide you in deep theta meditation to silence your mind and access your inner teacher. You’ll also discover how to connect to your spiritual guidance,  presence the future, activate dormant parts of your DNA and learn to manifest using Source Energy.
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Learn & discover

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How to activate your intuition to make better decisions
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The Theta Healing® technique by accessing the Theta brain wave and connecting to the Creation Energy that exists in all things
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How to energetically scan the human body for energetic blocks and illness
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How to use this system to enhance your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing
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Easily release old fears, anger, resentment and rejection
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How to connect with spiritual guidance
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Learn how you can co-create a healing with the Creator of All That Is
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The power of the subconscious in manifesting and healing
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How to see your possible future, and to change it if you wish
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The secret to manifesting through Theta Healing®
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Discover your life’s purpose and how to fulfil it

your soul's place in this world?

Watch this video to find out how.


using ThetaHealing®

A course that can have profound results on your life


Manifest the life you desire...


Add this powerful practice to your life and business to grow impact. Use this to accelerate transformation with your life partner, children, business partners and team members.

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Awaken the healer within through directing healing energy specifically to illness, growing blissful relationships and deeply understanding your life purpose with clarity.

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Easily receive guidance to transfer personal health and emotional freedom as well as a lastingl egacy in business. Receive the peace and guidance you need in your family life. Feel an active divine presence in your life. 

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Grow your abundance in business and freedom in family. Recognize your ability to be in service to the evolution of the planet. Impact your family and your life by evoking your manifestation abilities.

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Create leaps in your life and navigate the internal world easily. Receive clarity and guiding energy from the laws, spiritual guidance and your higher self. Awaken daily magical upgrades. 

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Receive the answers to who you truly are. Discover your divine timing on the planet. Guide yourself and your loved ones with clarity in changing times.


Who is this for?

Natasha Rockstrom coaching; sitting in a sofa drinking tea
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The business leader looking for the leading-edge upgrades  
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Spiritual seekers looking to get unblocked and unstuck with clear accurate and specific guidance in relationships.
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Family leaders looking to heal their relationships and protect their family health and wealth in changing uncertain times.
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Global visionaries who are influencing the consciousness of the planet.
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Parents with awakened children who need a simple, magical and deep spiritual education whilst being grounded in the practical wisdom of the world.
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Intuitive business owners looking for the next level in their skills and desiring to work with all the unseen dimensions of their life.
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Anyone desiring magic and the freedom to talk to the universe to truly feel loved, protected and guided.
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Medical practitioners looking for new alternative technologies to healing the body through quantum healing.  

Meet your Transformational Teacher

Natasha Rockstrom picture, holding flowers in a blue dress
MASTER ENERGY HEALER | Mother | Venture Philanthropist | Wellbeing Entrepreneur

Natasha Rockstrom

Natasha runs an international multiple 7-figure wellbeing empire and has helped multi-millionaire global impact leaders live a first class life with wealth mastery around their higher purpose.

Her clients have broken world records, contributed to their nations and tapped into 7-figure income by up-leveling their inner game and accessing their intuitive guidance to create the impact their soul desires and have it all in family and business.

Social Entrepreneurship


Natasha featured on The Uma Show on her success as a social entrepreneur and ambassador of the viral social experiment "Karma Kitchen".

“Transformational journeys are designed to empower you with the clarity, energy and life practices to create a life of freedom by design.”