Natasha's story

I Was born with money. I learned to be rich.

Having money and being rich are two different things.

Being rich is a commitment to creating impact for the people you serve in any market, at anytime. It’s a knowingness of that you are in divine synchronicity with life. You take the result that your gift creates, and place yourself and business in the greatest service for the planet in the long term.

You realize that your business is bigger than you. It’s a leadership of unwavering love for the mission that lights up your soul.

You walk into every boardroom, every meeting and every conversation looking at how to create deep and lasting change for the lives that your business is serving with creativity and being available to the moment. It requires letting go of control of what you thought was right, and learning to listen to a greater intelligence of life and divine connection of where you are in service to something bigger than you.

But let's go back to the beginning.

I was born into a loving safe home and with parents who wanted me to be the best I could be.

Living for weeks as a child every summer with spiritual teachers in ashrams impacted me on a deep level. I was surrounded with students of ancient wisdom who were dedicated to discovering the human purpose through deep meditations and a sacred living practice. At 18, I didn’t want to leave the ashram that summer - this sacred space of traveling deep inside myself to find out and experience who I was.

I asked a question “by truly loving another human being, by seeing them in their full potential as connected to a divine creation – isn’t this the purpose of why we are here?” The answer was yes and I jolted awake wanting to take this wisdom into the world.

I went to university, I started businesses and I earnestly wanted to be in service to humanity. I learned and understood that we are here to empower others to see the truth of who they are through their own eyes and their own wisdom.

At 26, I left a million-dollar lifestyle, a corporate job, a marriage and the country I called home at the time, with the knowing that my potential to impact the planet was unfolding in new ways. New choices were relevant for me and I made a promise to myself to answer the message in my heart. I travelled for three years meeting spiritual teachers, completing a finance MBA, and volunteering my time for businesses with a cause. I met the love of my life who recognized me the moment we met and on our first date we committed to changing the world.

I spent time in deep silence meditations, I learnt the most innovative healing techniques and certified myself in spiritual technologies. I started to witness miracles through my body, my business, and in the people I was helping by seeing them tap into their own space of creativity, higher purpose, service and intuition. I’ve helped my clients find their soul mates, heal their bodies, multiply their income, impact millions of people with a higher sense of purpose, break world records, and increase their profitability and wealth through spiritual business training and creating the freedom to honor their soul’s purpose.

Whether I was working with celebrities, billion dollar business leaders, millionaires, pioneering entrepreneurs, gifted children, spiritual teachers, visionary all led to the same place - we are here to be the change and to express our soul’s purpose through who we choose to be each day, and the businesses we create to empower others.

I choose to work with iconic soul-led leaders that are ready to discover their full potential in their lives and business.

I choose to empower you to have the freedom to have it all from a place of grace, a place of power and a place of your soul’s vision of wealth and abundance.

By truly loving another human being, by seeing them in their full potential as connected to a divine creation – isn’t this the purpose of why we are here?